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23 - 26 MAY 2017

The only industry event that includes every single construction sector, an international benchmark of innovation and a forum for knowledge and business.

Open to Innovation: The place that not only exhibits all the latest products but also the place where the new products in the construction industry are manufactured.

Open to business and networking:The bi-annual meeting that brings together influencers, manufacturers, international buyers and the key players in the construction industry.

Open to knowledge: A forum for debate and reflection about the responsibilities of the sector and its future opportunities.


Circular Economy Congress

Strategies for transitioning the construction sector towards a circular economic model based on reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. Barcelona Building Construmat relied on the Circular Economy Foundation as a curator of the Congress.
The congress discussed how the construction sector needs to move from a linear economic model based on producing, consuming, and eliminating to a circular model based on reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. There were two sessions related to the circular economy: 'Session I. Innovative projects on the circular economy.' and 'Session II. Round table. How to incorporate the principles of the circular economy in the Spanish construction and deconstruction sector.'

Dedicated space inside the Future Arena Showroom

In the space dedicated to the Circular Economy, the Colombian company 'Conceptos Plásticos' exhibited a building solution based on bricks made out of recycled plastic.

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