CIRCULAB is a business game designed to foster creativity, collaboration and co-creation with the aim of discovering circular economy opportunities and finding innovative solutions to reduce companies' environmental footprint.


The aim of the session is to understand the benefits and dynamics of a circular economy through the business game "Circulab", which will help rethink the business model of a company and identify new environmentally-friendly opportunities, focusing on the needs of its consumers. The Business Game will also help the participants to identify new synergies that strengthen the role of the company in its territory and its dialogue with other actors in the same territory.


Organised by:

Circulab is a business game created by Wiithaa, a French agency expert in the circular economy.
Facilitators are drawn from Circulab certified consultants and members of Circulab Network which has a presence in 11 countries.

Creafutur is a private non-profit foundation created by the Government of Catalonia and ESADE Business School to foster innovation with environmental and social impact.

Group 381 is the first global consultancy that defines, organises, educates, involves, co-implements and manages the transformation of society towards the Circular Economy of Positive Impact.

4.30pm to 6.00pm

Room 7